Why us for Physiotherapy in Islington?

The Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic Islington, has a team of professionals from a number of backgrounds all working together to provide a high level of care in a modern air-conditioned clinic. Jo Knock is the lead physiotherapist at The Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic in Islington.

The experience ot the team and the clinic's own x-ray facilities provide a unique service in Angel Islington for the prompt diagnosis and precise and specific treatment of your condition for a quick resolution. When you visit our physiotherapist you can be sure that we want your recovery to be as quick as possible and to get you back to training as soon as possible too.

We understand how frustrating it is to have your training schedule interrupted or limited by an injury and we will do our best to get you back to where you should be. During the treatment and recovery process we will help identify what exercises you can do to aid recovery but more importantly to help maintain your fitness. No one want to lose fitness, it’s hard enough to get it!

• Multidisciplinary team of professionals
• Modern air-conditioned premises
• On-site x-ray facilities
• Great location for public transport
• We all play sport
• We love what we do!


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