Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

The first step is getting the correct advice and sometimes following the advice is all that is needed. If you have a long-term problem that is recurrent or whether you have not recovered from an injury or returned to the level of fitness you would like then the following the correct advice may be all that is needed.

If you require treatment then our physiotherapist will devise a treatment plan to get you better and explain it to you thoroughly and to the best of their ability give you a timescale for returning back to full health.

If you don’t recover as well as you would like we can use our on-site x-ray facilities, refer you for further imaging at one of various centres across London. If this doesn’t provide the answer then we can refer you to specialist consultant surgeon or physician. The clinic has been in Islington for 10 years and has an extensive database of specialists to refer to!

Once your physiotherapist has determined what the biomechanical breakdown was that caused your injury, they will prescribe rehabilitation exercises that you can incorporate into your usual training regime.

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