Zak Buttle graduated as a physiotherapist from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012 and has since honed his therapeutic skills across a wide array of clinics and outpatient settings, as well as in sporting environments. Zak has worked within both codes of rugby league and union, and with competitive cyclists.

Zak has a passion for optimal performance, he takes a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from acute muscular injuries to worn joints, and complex nerve-related disorders to chronic postural dysfunction.

"I use a balance of active exercise prescription combined with hands-on manual therapy to provide the optimal outcome for the patient. Such balance is determined with each individual in mind, and the patient is involved in the ultimate decision of which treatment route is taken."

"I am determined to offer the most up-to-date, evidence based treatment."

Zak offers knowledge and techniques that include:

Exercise prescription
Spinal manipulation
Shoulder symptom modification
Biomechanical and gait analysis
Ergonomic advice
Mulligan mobilisations
Therapeutic taping

Away from physiotherapy, Zak has had a passion for sports from a young age with rugby union being his first love, complemented by involvement in football, hockey, athletics and cricket. Currently, Zak remains keen on rugby, but is more often seen competing in cycling, running or rock climbing.”


Grayce Bartlett is a BTEC Level 5 qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist. Grace uses a range of techniques including effleurage, petrissage, Soft tissue release (str), MET (muscle energy technique), PIR and PNF as well as trigger point therapy.  Grace is  qualified as a KT 1-2 practitioner and uses Kinesio tape in rehabilitation cases that require it. She is also a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer with a passion for training and living a balanced, healthy, strong lifestyle.



I lead by example, so my life is structured around my own health and wellbeing. I follow a specific nutrition plan and training plan to build muscle and burn fat, in order to potentially compete in a Bikini bodybuilding competition. This means that I understand how important it is for the body to be functioning in the best way possible.

When working with my athletes, I appreciate the fact that massage is highly important not just mechanically but mentally too, I benefit from a treatment massively after a tough training session, as it gives me a chance to help my body recover, but also allows me to talk to others about training and pick up tips! Even for my clients who wouldn't class themselves as athletes, treatments can help with everyday tasks and posture, even those niggles that you think aren't affecting you that much, actually are!!!!

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