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You only need to pick up a copy of Men’s Health to recognise that getting your nutrition right can play an significant role in achieving optimal performance – but does everything these magazines write about apply to you, your sport and your specific health needs?

Paula Jones Nutritional Therapist

‘I believe strongly that developing an understanding of health and nutrition can enable people to make informed choices, maximise their health and put them back in the driving seat of their own wellbeing’

Eat, drink and be healthy!

Paula qualified from the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) 7 years ago with Distinction. On graduating she became a proud member of the BCNH clinical tutor team, supporting the learning of BSc honours students in clinical practice. During this period Paula also worked as Clinic Director at Good Health Nutrition (the specialist nutritional therapy teaching clinic in association with BCNH) alongside setting up her own nutrition consultation business NutriChoice.

Paula believes strongly that every individual has their very own unique dietary and nutritional requirements particularly when seeking health improvement.
Working closely with her client’s Paula aims to pin point underlying contributing factors to health issues that may otherwise be overlooked. She is passionate about applying functional medicine to nutritional therapy, creating packages for her clients that offer realistic, achievable, diet and lifestyle changes.

Paula enjoys working with both adults and children.

Fueling your body – find out your calorie requirements, what foods should feature in your day-to-day diet in order to promote strength, immune health, endurance and avoid burn-out.

Nutrient timing – proteins/fats/carbs and hydration - what to eat and when so that you can push your body that little bit further during your work out and promote the adaptive response in the recovery phase for increased strength, tone and endurance.

Supplements – the sports supplements market is huge. However, many of the big brands are more concerned with market share than the quality of their product. Find out which supplements have solid research to back them up, which ones are right for you and your goals and which brands contain good quality ingredients at the correct levels and are free from fillers and artificial chemicals.

Practical solutions - tips and recipes to make sports drinks, protein snacks and meals that fit your lifestyle, goals and health

Injury prevention and management – correct nutrition can both reduce the risk of injury and speed up post-injury recovery time. Nutritional support alongside physio and massage create a complete injury recovery package.

Over-training and stress – burn-out, adrenal dysfunction, the impact of cortisol on performance goals, immune modulators and how to get your edge back.

Programme strategy will depend on your individual goals – arrange you free first session by phone to determine what plan will best suit your needs.

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