Back Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation

With our onsite x-ray facilities and multidisciplinary team Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic is the best place to come for back pain treatment. In addition to the physiotherapist we have an osteopath, a chiropractor, acupuncturist and of course massage therapists. We can also provide one on one yoga and Pilates to help prevent any recurrence.

Back pain has a nasty habit of recurring so Islington’s Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic will provide the best treatment to get you out of pain. We will then minimise the chance of a recurrence by identifying the behaviours and movement patterns that are the cause of the problem nand give you rehabilitation exercises to get you back on your feet.  We may also suggest a course of one on one yoga or Pilates to help you manage your health.

• multidisciplinary team of professionals
• x-ray facilities on-site
• get you out of pain
• prevention of relapses
• maintain health and wellbeing
• 10 years of experience
• patient testimonials say it all!

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